Antique Picture Frames

Antique Picture Frames do not always go hand in hand with the title of cheap picture frames! However, you must look at the subject in it’s entirety.

Don’t think that antique picture frames are purely only about large wooden picture frames or old gold or brass painting frames that you would find in a museum. Think more about the small silver picture frames around the 8×6 type of size that might come from either the early 20th century or the late 19th century.

Many Victorian picture frames are not the normal rectangular shape, but more often can be oval in shape and made from either brass or silver. A nice example in brass might cost around 100 dollars while the same in silver may be 2 or 3 times that.

So how do you get your hands on a nice antique photo frame? Well, there are a number of specialty retailers online who have a wider range of antique picture frames for sale. Ensure that you see a high resolution picture of the frame before purchasing as you should know if it is scratched or if the years have been unkind to it before purchasing.

But this site is called “cheap picture frames”, so how can you get an antique picture frame without spending a fortune. The key is to shop at flee markets, car boot sales and the like. Many people will have such frames just lying around in their families from perhaps 100 years ago, but not recognize the value. In fact the best thing to look for is the sale of an old painting. Very few paintings that are over 100 years old are actually worth very much. The majority of them are from unknown amateur artists and poorly taken care of which means that they are perhaps faded by age and sunlight etc. However, these paintings are perhaps not worth much, but the frames might be and this is most likely to be overlooked by the seller!

Keep your eyes open and you might be able to pick up an antique picture frame for less than 50 dollars, that might be worth over 100 dollars when sold by a more knowledgeable seller.

Remember the most important aspect of an antique phot frame is to keep that antique look. There is no point buying a brass or silver picture frame that is over a hundred years old and then polishing it up to look brand new. Keep it looking the way it is, full of character and history!

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