Collage Picture Frames

Collage Picture Frames allow you to display multiple photographs within a single frames divided into multiple parts. Think of it almost like a comic strip page where each window contains a separate picture (or in the case of most uses in the home, a collection of photos that follow a certain theme).

Your collage picture frame might contain all the different members of your family, or perhaps your wedding day photographs with the bride and groom in the center and the best man, bridesmaids and even the cake in the windows that make up the rest of the collage picture frame.

Although more expensive than their plainer cousins, it is still possible to both make and buy cheap collage picture frames which make a fabulous addition to perhaps a stairway or hall in any home.

You can see in this video how to go about making your own collage picture frames…

The color and the texture of the frame is more important in a collage photo frame than in normal cheap picture frames. This is because the frame itself is not only larger, but it is more of a piece of art in it’s own right. You have to consider the total picture when choosing a color and we would suggest that brighter colors such as red and orange should be avoided. Even a metallic or silver picture frame is a risky choice when it comes to collage frames as these can be too over-empowering.

We would suggest going for a strong yet classic black stained wood photo frame. The thicker black lines help to split up the photographs meaning that they still keep their individual identity and stopping the whole collage picture from turning into one big messy splash of color when viewed from a distance.

Collage picture frames are currently very very popular and are the perfect addition in the living room of any modern house or apartment.

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