Decorative Picture Frames

Decorative Picture Frames provide a cheery addition to any living room or child’s bedroom. We have spoken elsewhere on this website about using decorative picture frames for baby’s photos and for childrens photo frames with the use of Disney type cartoon characters etc.

Decorative picture frames can also take the form of for example, flowers where the photograph is the center of the flower and the frame is the petal. This goes well when considering circular picture frames.

Other materials can be used to create decorative picture frames. One very popular example in countries that border the oceans or large seas is the use of driftwood to make the photo frames. We especially like this technique if some gray staining is applied to the picture frame and perhaps even some little red boats or a seagull is painted along the top and bottom.

Other ideas for creative picture frames are the use of unexpected materials such as branches you find while out walking in the forest or household products such as cutlery or chop-sticks or anything else that you can get your hands on to make something a bit kooky!

What’s your favorite material for making decorative picture frames? Leave a message in the comments session below to let us all know!

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