Wooden Picture Frames

Wooden Picture Frames provide a classic, elegant touch for your favorite photographs. Allow most wooden photo frames are made of cheap ply-wood, in this page we will be mostly discussing better quality wooden picture frames such as mahogany and teak.

Traditionally wooden picture frames are available in the following colors…

* Dark Wood
* Medium Wood
* Light Wood
* Black
* Cherry
* Maple
* Oak
* White
* Gold
* Silver
* Colors
* Grey

I have to say that for a modern family home, I like to see family pictures in for example Cherry or maple wood frames, while the more important pictures such as graduation or weeding photographs should be in wooden frames such as mahogany or rose wood.

If you are looking for that classic look that adds a bit of style to your room, think no further than a lovely wooden picture frame.

We’ll leave you with a little something different than your normal wooden picture frames… Give this one a try!


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