Baby Picture Frames

Baby Picture Frames are not just smaller versions of adult photo frames!

Keeping your baby pictures out in frames and instead of locked away in the sideboard or in photo albums is much nicer. Many different types of baby picture frames are available, mostly made in plastic, but some in either molded rubber or wood covered in felt.

It’s a sign of our society that most baby picture frames are avliable either in Blue or in Pink, of course whon for your little boy or little girl! These are fun to have around, but if you want to frame your baby pictures, as a gift for say the grandparents, then we suggest going for a stylish silver pitcure frame, but make sure that the frame itself is delicate and thin, not too chunky.

The baby picture frames can even come in various different commercial models. One of our favorites are the different models available from the Disney corporation such as Winnie the Poo and Tigger and of course Mickey and Minnie.

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