Large Picture Frames

Large Picture Frames are anything over the size of 12×12 inches, which unless you are looking for a bespoke picture frame, leaves you with the following choices.

12×16 Picture Frames
12×18 Picture Frames
13×19 Picture Frames
14×18 Picture Frames
16×20 Picture Frames
18×24 Picture Frames

As you are no doubt looking for a cheap, large picture frame, you have to go for one of the sizes shown above as bigger frames aren’t really available from anything else but a professional picture frame maker as a bespoke order. And that costs a lot!

Large picture frames are perfect for those panoramic views of city skyline photos or photos that you have perhaps taken yourself while walking in the mountains. We here at cheap picture frames online remember being at a party in a friends house and above his fireplace he had a panoramic picture of himself at the top of a mountain. We payed particular attention to the large picture frame which housed the photograph. As the picture was in black and white (gray-scale), he had correctly chosen to mount it within a large black picture frame with a glass cover.

One should always use glass in the window when using large photo frames like this as plastic covering can warp slightly over the years when it has such a large surface area and this can lead to discoloring and clouding of the picture covering.

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